American History Notes

Lesson 1: The Age of Exploration
Lesson 2: Early Colonies: Jamestown
Lesson 3: The Southern Colonies
Lesson 4: The New England Colonies
Lesson 5: The Salem Witch Trials
Lesson 6: The Middle Colonies
Lesson 7: Colonial Political Practices
Lesson 8: Colonial Democracy
Lesson 9: French & Indian War
Lesson 10: Britain's New Colonial Laws
Lesson 11: Colonial Outrage
Lesson 12: Declaration of Independence
Lesson 13: American Revolution 
Lesson 14: Articles of Confederation
Lesson 15: The Constitution: a Bundle of Compromises
Lesson 16: Ratification of the Constitution
Lesson 17: The Powers of the Government
Lesson 18: Separation of Powers
Lesson 19: The Bill of Rights
Lesson 20: The Electoral College: Voting Process
Lesson 21: The Powers of the President 
Lesson 22: How a Bill becomes a Law
Lesson 23: The Judicial Branch
Lesson 24: The Unwritten Constitution
Lesson 25: Washington's Presidency and Hamilton
Lesson 26: Washington's Foreign Policy
Lesson 27: The Birth of Political Parties
Lesson 28: President John Adams
Lesson 29: The Election of 1800
Lesson 30: Thomas Jefferson's Expansion
Lesson 31: James Madison
Lesson 32: The War of 1812
Lesson 33: The Era of Good Feeling
Lesson 34: Supreme Court Cases of the Early 1800's
Lesson 35: Foreign Policy after 1812- James Monroe
Lesson 36: The Jacksonian Era
Lesson 37: Sectionalism
Lesson 38: The Reform Movements of the 1800's
Lesson 39: Abolitionism
Lesson 40: Manifest Destiny
Lesson 41: Wilmot Proviso & the Compromise of 1850
Lesson 42: Kansas-Nebraska Act-Bleeding Kansas
Lesson 43: The Election of 1860-Secession
Lesson 44: Causes of the Civil War
Lesson 45: The Civil War
Lesson 46: The End of the Civil War
Lesson 47: Abraham Lincoln
Lesson 48: Reconstruction

American History II
Lesson 49: Birth of the Industrial Revolution       
Lesson 50: Adam Smith  
Lesson 51: Growth of Business    
Lesson 52: Entrepreneurs   
Lesson 53: Indians and Westward Expansion
Lesson 54: Movement to the Great Plains
Lesson 55: The Agrarian Movement
Lesson 56: Labor Issues of the Industrial Revolution
Lesson 57: Labor Union Movements
Lesson 58: Jim Crow Laws and Segregation 
Lesson 59: Blacks fight against Racism
Lesson 60: Women Reformers
Lesson 61: The Progressive Movement
Lesson 62: Muckrakers
Lesson 63: Roosevelt's Square Deal
Lesson 64: President Taft
Lesson 65: The Election of 1912
Lesson 66: Woodrow Wilson's New Freedom
Lesson 67: United States Imperialism
Lesson 68: The Spanish American War
Lesson 69: The United States in Latin America
Lesson 70: The United States and the Far East
Lesson 71: The United States and WWI
Lesson 72: The Treaty of Versailles
Lesson 73: The Roaring Twenties
Lesson 74: The Major Events of Twenties
Lesson 75: Immigration
Lesson 76: Problems Facing Immigrants
Lesson 77: Causes of the Great Depression
Lesson 78: Effects of the Depression
Lesson 79: President Herbert Hoover
Lesson 80: FDR's New Deal
Lesson 81: The Effects of the New Deal
Lesson 82: Neo-Isolationism
Lesson 83: World War II
Lesson 84: The Cold War
Lesson 85: President Harry Truman
Lesson 86: The Civil Rights Movement
Lesson 87: President's Eisenhower, Kennedy & Johnson
Lesson 88: The Vietnam War
Lesson 89: President Richard Nixon

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