Writing Tips and Tricks

This is the Writing PowerPoint that will help breakdown some writing pointers and help you to understand the AP* essay format.

How to the Nail the DBQ
This slideshare presentation by Scott Keatley is fantastic.  It provides a very strategic way to approach your essay and gives you tactics to succeed even if you don’t know much about world history.

DBQ Tips
Another great World History slideshare, this one by Kimberly McEachen.  Clearly explains with 40 slides many strategies for getting a perfect 9 on your dbq.  Includes some nice examples from actual essays.

Writing is the key focus of this class and that is OUR PRIMARY concern. The links below are tips that I have found that might help strengthen your writing.

The GST format in case you need a reminder

G: GENERAL STATEMENT about the topic

S: SPECIFIC STATEMENT about the topic

T: THESIS STATEMENT about the topic

You should be practicing this format during the break. Please look on the College Board website  for the past AP* essay questions. You can for practice from the old exam questions and try to use the same format to write intros for some topics.  Any ones that you do, feel free to bring them in and I will look at them.

Please use them to help write the essays for the analyze portion of the outlines.

The Five Paragraph Essay

Guide to a Basic Essay

The Writing Center 

The OWL at Purdue University 

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

The sheet below if full of power words and transitional phrases that you will need to strengthen your writing. Writing is THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of the AP* exam. In order to be a successful student, writing is the key. 

Power Words and Transitional Phrases

Descriptive Verbs

The AP* essay is much more complex than regular essays. The sites above will help with the basics, but you must learn how to locate an argument, compare and contrast and analyze DBQ's.  These sites will help you do that.

Compare and Contrast Thesis

Educational website for ap* global history, Global history, ap* American history and American History

Test Preparation

  • Practice Tests and quizzes
  • State Test Preparation
  • AP* Writing and Essay Preparation
  • All are offered on this website.

                 AP* World Help Links

These are a bunch of sites that you could find useful in your effort to improve your AP* scores. I will also provide a brief synopsis of what the site contains.

Below you will find tips, helpful links for essays and multiple choice, information on historical topics and other things that will make this class a great experience.

I stumbled across some new sites with practice quizzes and exams. It is always good to prepare as often as possible. Thanks to http://www.appracticeexams.com/ap-world-history for the new information.


Solid site that contains information for ALL AP* tests and classes.

Practice Exams
Practice testing site for The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History textbook.  Approximately 30 questions for each of the 34 textbook chapters.  Excellent interactive exam.

Varsity Tutors Practice Tests
This is a brand new site to my resource page. It contains helpful practice exams for many state exams including AP* exams, SAT, ACT, GED and other exams.

The CollegeBoard
Your first and most important website is AP* Central at the Collegeboard. Please sign up on the link below and register. On this site you will find important information about the AP* Exam, links to old essays questions, examples from old tests and other hints to make the move into AP* easier.

World Study Quizzes
I know the above site only has questions with four choices, not the usual five choices, BUT since most of you need help answering questions they are a good tool to use to practice your question taking ability. There are THOUSANDS of questions.

Student's Friend
This site has a nice breakdown of information.  I put the site up with the permission of the man who created it Michael Maxwell. 

Course Notes.org/world_history

This site contains so much information that will help you prepare for the AP* TEST. It has an AP* glossary, outlines, regional outlines, study questions and notes, notes and notes. This site has outlines for time periods, vocabulary, regional outlines, topic notes, unit notes, a glossary and study questions, all available to help better prepare!

World History Archives 
This site offers documents to support the study of world history from a working-class and non-Eurocentric perspective. This site also has a search engine to help locate specific documents.

The World History Timeline 
This site offers the world history timeline in almost complete context. You should take a look at this site to get a better assessment of some events that occurred at the same time.

Mr. Harmon's AP* History Page 
A helpful page that contains a lot of hints and tips on the AP* exam.

Mr. Burnett's AP* World Page 
Just another helpful site with AP* related material.

Time Elapse Maps 
This site contains notes, readings, questions and other things to help you prepare for the AP* exam.

AP* World History Course Links 
I think for this one the site name is self-explanatory.

AP* World Units of Study

This is a link that shows how the AP* test is broken down through the time periods.

Hyper History
This is a website that contains time lines of world history events, people and other things to help you memorize important dates.

Maps of War
This site contains maps of world wars throughout history.

The Internet History Sourcebook
This site offers primary sources in many topics and areas.

This site is full of flash cards from all areas of world history. It can help build your AP* vocabulary!!!

This site has a silly name, but houses a lot of information. It breaks down world history into chapters and sub-chapters to make history more clear and concise. Its a great site for an overview of many topics.

The Virtual Library
This site contains a ton of information on numerous subjects that we will cover from pre-history to modern times.

Chinese History Timeline
Self explanatory page!

E Museum at Minnesota 
This is an AMAZING site with exhibits that are available on three floors. Search through the floors and click on the interactive map to see not only summarizing major topics but also pictures, maps and other information that can help you understand many AP* topics.

History Haven
This site has a lot of review stuff from textbooks and a lot of helpful information.

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