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Michael Hubbs provides one-on-one tutoring in global history, AP* world history and American history. He also offers homework help and essay practice tips. Email: mhubbs@schools.nyc.gov

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            GLOBAL I 

Unit I: Skills Lessons

Unit I includes: Skills, Primary and Secondary Sources, the Ancient Past and Analyzing Maps

Unit II: Geography of Ancient Civilizations

Unit II includes: Neolithic Revolution, Features of a Civilization, Mesopotamia, Hammurabi, Egypt, China, Indus Valley and the Aryans

​Unit III: Belief Systems

            GLOBAL III 

Unit I: Scientific Revolution, Absolutism and Enlightenment

Unit I includes: Scientific Revolution, Absolutism in Europe, Enlightenment, Enlightened Despots, French Revolution, Age of Napoleon, Congress of Vienna and Latin American Revolutions

Unit II: Industrialization

Unit II includes: Agricultural Revolution, Adam Smith, Industrialization in England, Positives and Negative Effects of the Industrial Revolution and Karl Marx

Unit III: Rise of Nationalism

Unit III includes Italian and German Unification, Austrian and Ottoman dissolution and the Irish Famine and the Zionist Movement

Unit IV: Imperialism

Unit IV includes the Scramble for Africa, African Imperialism, the Zulu Resistance, Sepoy Mutiny and Indian Imperialism, Chinese Imperialism, Opium Wars, Boxer Rebellion, and the Meiji Restoration.

Unit V: World War I + Russian Revolution

Unit V includes the causes of WWI, the war, the Treaty of Versailles, Russian Revolution and the rise of both Lenin and Stalin

                  Global II

                  Global IV