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            GLOBAL I 

Lesson 1: Why Study Social Studies? 
Lesson 2: Historical Sources 
Lesson 3: Studying the Past 
Lesson 4: Maps
Lesson 5: Cultural Diffusion 
Lesson 6: Latitude and Longitude 
Lesson 7: Geography
Lesson 8: Chronology  
Lesson 9: Paleolithic Era  
Lesson 10: Neolithic Era 
Lesson 11: Features of a Civilization  
Lesson 12: The Geography of Egypt 
Lesson 13: The Egyptian Pharaohs 
Lesson 14: Mesopotamia: Sumer 
Lesson 15: Advances of Sumer  
Lesson 16: Hammurabi and Babylon  
Lesson 17: Middle Eastern Civilizations 
Lesson 18: Judaism 
Lesson 19: Geography: Indus Valley 
Lesson 20: The Aryans 
Lesson 21: Hinduism 
Lesson 22: Buddhism 
Lesson 23: The Gupta Empire 
Lesson 24: Geography of China 
Lesson 25: The Shang Dynasty   
Lesson 26: The Zhou Dynasty 
Lesson 27: Chinese Philosophies 
Lesson 28: The Qin and Han Dynasties
Lesson 29: Greek Geography 
Lesson 30: Athens vs. Sparta 
Lesson 31: The Persian War 
Lesson 32: Greek Achievements 
Lesson 33: Alexander the Great  
Lesson 34: Rome Geography 
Lesson 35: Punic Wars 
Lesson 36: Julius Caesar  
Lesson 37: Augustus 
Lesson 38: The Fall of Rome

            GLOBAL III 

Global IIILesson 0: The Different Forms of Governments (review)

Lesson 1: English Absolutism  
Lesson 2: Peter the Great: Absolutism 
Lesson 3: Louis XIV 
Lesson 4: The GST: Steps for Introduction 
Lesson 5: The Multiple Paragraph Outline 
Lesson 6: Enlightenment  
Lesson 7: The Enlightened Despots 
Lesson 8: French Revolution Phase I
Lesson 9: The Reign of Terror  
Lesson 10: Napoleon's Rise and Fall  
Lesson 11: The Congress of Vienna  
Lesson 12:  Latin American Revolution 
Lesson 13: Birth:  Industrial Revolution 
Lesson 14: Factory Life 
Lesson 15: Improvements of the I.R 
Lesson 16: Adam Smith    
Lesson 17: Karl Marx 
Lesson 18: Italian Nationalism  
Lesson 19: German Unification  
Lesson 20: The Irish Famine  
Lesson 21: Jewish Nationalism  
Lesson 22: Imperialism   
Lesson 23: African Imperialism  
Lesson 23a: Mid-East Modernization 
Lesson 24: The Sepoy Mutiny 
Lesson 25: Chinese Imperialism 
Lesson 26:The Meiji Restoration 

Conclusion Handout

                  Global II

Lesson 1: Christianity 
Lesson 2: The Byzantine Empire 
Lesson 3: Byzantine influence on Russia 
Lesson 4: The Islamic Faith 
Lesson 5: The Islamic Golden Age 
Lesson 6: The Dark Ages
Lesson 7: Charlemagne  
Lesson 8: Feudalism & Manorialism 
Lesson 9: Power of the Catholic Church 
Lesson 10: High Middle Ages and Towns 
Lesson 11: The Crusades 
Lesson 12: The Results of the Crusades 
Lesson 13: The Black Plague 
Lesson 14: Hundred Years War
Lesson 15: The Ottoman Empire 
Lesson 16: The Mughal Empire 
Lesson 17: Africa-Ghana/Mali/Songhai 
Lesson 18: The Maya  
Lesson 19: The Aztecs 
Lesson 20: The Inca 
Lesson 21: Japanese Geography 
Lesson 22: China-Korea influence Japan 
Lesson 23: Japanese Feudalism 
Lesson 22: Mongols-Genghis Khan 
Lesson 23: Mongols- Kublai Khan 
Lesson 24: The Ming Dynasty 
Lesson 25: The Entire Renaissance 
Lesson 26: Start: Protestant Reformation
Lesson 27: Protestantism Spreads
Lesson 28: The Counter Reformation
Lesson 29: The Scientific Revolution
Lesson 30: The Age of Exploration
Lesson 31:  Social Classes in the New World
Lesson 32: The Columbian Exchange

                  Global IV

Opening lesson: 20th Century Technology
Lesson 1: World War I 
Lesson 2: The Treaty of Versailles 
Lesson 3: Russian Revolution 
Lesson 4: Russia under Stalin
Lesson 5: The Mexican Revolution 
Lesson 6: Mustafa Kemal 
Lesson 7: The Japanese after WWI 
Lesson 8: The Rise of Fascism 
Lesson 8a: The League of Nations
Lesson 9: Fascism in Italy 
Lesson 10: Nazism in Germany 
Lesson 11: Hitler's Anti-Semitism 
Lesson 12: Prelude to WWII 
Lesson 13: World War II 
Lesson 14: The Holocaust 
Lesson 15: The Cold War 
Lesson 16: Chinese Revolution 
Lesson 17: Mao Zedong 
Lesson 18: Deng Xiaoping 
Lesson 19: European Union 
Lesson 20: Gandhi and India 
Lesson 20: Cuba/ Castro 
Lesson 21: Peace after WWII 
Lesson 22: Nuremberg Trials 
Lesson 23: EU & NAFTA 
Lesson 24: OPEC
Lesson 25: 20th Global Problems 
Lesson 26: 20th Century Africa 
Lesson 27: 20th Century Ireland 
Lesson 28: Green Revolution 
Lesson 29: 20th Century Israel 
Lesson 30: Lech Walesa and Poland 
Lesson 31: Summary: Genocide 
Lesson 32: Suez and Panama Canal