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Regents Prep Materials 
These are sheets that I wrote that summarize events, people, and other important terms for the regents exam.

The sheets below were created by a fellow history teacher, who was kind enough to let me share them with you. Below you will find his review packets.
 "Mr. Storch's Global Regents Review Packets"
Global Review Packet A
Global Review Packet B
Global Review Packet C
Global Review Packet D
Global Review Packet E
Global Review Packet F
Global Review Packet G
Global Review Packet H
Global Review Packet I
Global Review Packet J
Global Review Packet K 
Global Review Packet L 
Global Review Packet M
Global Review Packet N
Global Review Packet O
Global Review Packet P
Global Review Packet Q
Global Review Packet R


This work took me years to write and create so if you are using the site as a student or as a teacher for your students, please acknowledge the site. 

Regents Review Notes from Class with practice questions 

GI: The Bantu Migrations
GI: Definitions
GI: Early Africa
GI: Early Civilizations
GI: Economic Systems
GI: Geography
GI: Governments
GI: India
GI: Law Codes
GI: Maps
GI: Neolithic Revolution
GI: Religions
GI: The Silk Road
GI: Social Sciences
GI: Writing Systems

Global II
GII: African Trading Kingdoms
GII: Age of Exploration
GII: Black Plague
GII: Byzantine Empire
GII: Chronological Events
GII: Crusades
GII: Golden Age of Islam
GII: Ibn Batutta & Marco Polo
GII: Japan and Korea
GII: Maya, Aztec and Inca
GII: Mercantilism
GII: Mongols
GII: Protestant Reformation
GII: Renaissance
GII: Scientific Revolution
GII: Spanish Conquests
GII: Tang & Song Dynasties
GII: The Columbian Exchange
GII: The Middle Ages
GII: The Ming Dynasty
GII: The Ottoman Empire

Global III
GIII: Absolutism

GIII: Absolutism in Russia
GIII: Adam Smith
GIII: Congress of Vienna
GIII: English Reforms
GIII: Enlightenment
GIII: French Revolution
GIII: Imperialism
GIII: Industrial Revolution
GIII: Karl Marx
GIII: Latin American Revolution
GIII: Meiji Restoration
GIII: Nationalism
GIII: Social Darwinism

Global IV
GIV: 20th Century Africa
GIV: 20th Century China
GIV: 20th Century Global Problems
GIV: 20th Century India
GIV: 20th Century Ireland
GIV: 20th Century Israel
GIV: Cuba and Castro
GIV: European Union and NAFTA
GIV: Fascism
GIV: Global Economy 
GIV: Green Revolution
GIV: Human Rights Violation
GIV: Iranian Revolution
GIV: Mikhail Gorbachev
GIV: Mustafa Kemal and Turkey
GIV: Poland and Lech Walesa
GIV: Russian Revolution
GIV: Suez Canal and Panama Canal
GIV: The Cold War
GIV: The United Nations
GIV: World War I
GIV: World War II

The PowerPoint below is something that I have created over the course of a number of review sessions. You will need PowerPoint to open it, but if you do, the slide show contains over 100 slides with information that will help you prepare for the regents in global history.
Review PowerPoint

Review Documents
These two documents include a chronological list of important events in history and an extremely detailed essay breakdown. It includes more than 15 different essay topics from the last 10 years. These topics have been summarized to help any student prepare for topics on the thematic essay and will help provide outside information on possible DBQ topics.
Chronological Timeline 
Thematic Essay Breakdown

Regents: Ancient Civilizations
Regents: Definitions
Regents: Famous Documents
Regents: Governments
Regents: Human Rights
Regents: Leaders
Regents: Major Wars
Regents: Religions
Regents: Thinkers

Check out Old Regents Exams in there full length at the following website: 

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ARCHIVED Regents Exams from the early 2000's


Below you will find a bunch of websites to practice geography. Geography is one of the toughest topics for students, so use the links below to practice.

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Interactive Map Quiz

Map Quizzes

Map Puzzles

Basic Geographic Facts


Interactive Global Review Questions

Regents Review: Essay Topics

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