Writing Skills

Almost all of the work that we will be doing this semester is based on the work of Judith Hochman. Below is her website with more information and tips. 

The Writing Revolution

Please look below for sites containing other writing tools such as transitions, grammar, conjunctions, appositives and essays.

The Five Paragraph Essay

Guide to a Basic Essay

The Writing Center 

The OWL at Purdue University 

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

Guide to Grammar and Writing



English the Easy Way

Transitional Words and Phrases

English Grammar


       Writing Tips and Tricks

Writing is the key focus of this class and that is OUR PRIMARY concern. The links below are tips that I have found that might help strengthen your writing.

The GST format in case you need a reminder

G: GENERAL STATEMENT about the topic

S: SPECIFIC STATEMENT about the topic

T: THESIS STATEMENT about the topic

You should be practicing this format during the break. You can for practice from the old exam questions and try to use the same format to write intros for some topics.  Any ones that you do, feel free to bring them in and I will look at them.

Please follow this format as it will work for any level essay. 

Regents Essay Writing Tip

1. Read the full prompt or question to set up your outline
2. Thematic Essay: choose your topics based on the suggested ones given or pick ones relevant to the topic from your studies.
3. DBQ Essay: choose your topics based on the documents provided. Make sure to read the guideline section to locate the necessary number of documents to use.
4. Outline: Based on your topic choices for either essay begin your outline by looking at the questions asked. 
5. Your outline should consist of as much information about the topic as possible.
6. For the DBQ essay make sure you use quotes or pieces from the documents to help your essay.
7. After outlining your topics and ideas, use the GST format to begin laying out your intro.
8. Use the information you outlines for the body paragraphs.
9. Use the TSG format for your conclusion.

Educational website for ap* global history, Global history, ap* American history and American History

Test Preparation

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  • All are offered on this website.