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​​Changes are HAPPENING to the website...the Global I& II and Global III & IV note pages are under construction for a small while...BUT the major pages and links should be good to go...

I have a ton of new material going up over the next couple of months or so. 

The first change was the password to access the site. I have allowed many that have donated in the past to have years of use. I am now asking those that enjoy the material to help the site out again if you can.

I have also added some Common Core based Unit Plans to my store at:

Also, if there something that you may want or need that you cannot find on the site shoot me an email. I have a ton of stuff that I have not been able to put here...Being both a parent to small children and a teacher leaves little time for constant updates. Email:

        Website Reviews

"As a first year AP World teacher, the resources Mr. Hubbs has created are invaluable.  The documents and notes have helped me tremendously with planning for this rigorous curriculum.  I am so appreciative of his hard work and for creating this website."
- Mrs. Mills, Long Island, NY

"I am a special education teacher and use this amazing site to help my students in my resource room!  Mr. Hubbs' comprehensive site offers a wealth of information and provides PowerPoint’s, outlines  and graphic organizers that must have taken years to compile!  The material is chunked in such a way that every student can gain something from this website.  If you are looking for a High School Social Studies resource, this is it!  Like going to Target or Wal-Mart, ONE STOP SHOPPING! is good, Mr. Hubbs History is GREAT!"
--Mr. Dan DeBeer, Croton Hudson, NY

Your website has been an excellent resource in supplementing my own reading, review and preparation for my AP class.
-- Ms. Emily German, Panama City, Panama 

"While searching for resources to assist my 10th grade son (who has a significant learning disability related to his short term and working memory), I was lucky enough to find your website.  As we began to study and review, we felt overwhelmed trying to sort through the volumes of notes which he has taken the past two years. We are relieved to find such a succinct study tool to prepare him for the Global Regent’s Exam. "
 -- Ms. Laurie Palmer 

I am a 2nd year teacher within NYC.  I wanted to thank you for the website that you have designed.  It is a great resource & I used it often during my first year.  The layout of the notes & MC questions was clever & really helped for Regents Prep. 
--Mr. Richard Otto, Brooklyn, NY

Your materials are very much appreciated especially in preparation for exams. My son has learning disabilities and this material really is condensed enough for him. I print off the site to be able to underline or rewrite important things. I also love the sample questions which I find very helpful. Part of the trouble with regents exams is that the questions are not straightforward so knowing what key words to look for is part of the strategy, and you sheets help with that. The site has absolutely helped my son. 
--Ms. Ashlesha Dayal, Parent, Great Neck, NY

I have to say that your website is amazing. I used it last year as a full time certified home school tutor for the Red Hook Central school district in upstate NY. Thanks for your time and efforts with this site. It’s fantastic!
--Ms. Peggy D'Onofrio, Upstate, NY

I want to thank you for the use of your wonderful review materials, which I used with my ESL Global I students last year, they were a great help for my students.
--Ms. Donna Avino, Brooklyn, NY

My Juniors have been using your webpage, and brought to my attention how helpful it has been while getting ready for College and sharpening their study skills!  
-- Ms. Nancy Gardener. Mesa Valley School District,  Colorado 

As a new A.P. teacher I found your readings and worksheets to be a great reference for my students.  

--Mr. Ash Sevilla, Winter Park, FL

As an AP World History teacher, I have always learned to follow those who came before you. As I began to look at the bevy of websites and pages on the web, I found yours to be the most detailed and user friendly. Thank you for sharing your work. 
--Mr. James Cudjo, Round Rock, TX

I am an AP World History teacher in California who LOVES your site.  My colleague and I have found it very helpful! We have over 250 freshman and sophomores taking AP World History and your summaries and handouts are invaluable.
--Ms. Megan Carson, Capistrano Valley High School

I found your website on a Google search. It is incredible. Obviously, you are a very dedicated teacher. Your students are lucky to have you.                               

--Ms. --Bethany Hunt, Springdale AZ

We use your website every day and do the practice sheets that are there, we always talk about how Mr. Hubbs distilled all the work of the course in to the LEAST amount of space possible, thus saving trees, student time, study time, class time and students' SORE EYES from the traditional textbook work.  The bottom line is that students who would normally drop out of school and NEVER get a HS diploma can now pass the GLOBAL Regents course and exam in a setting and in a way that is comfortable and digestible to them.  They achieve success and build confidence and learn new study skills and the ethic of hard work and commitment!
--Mr. Bob McDonald, Bedford, NY

Thank you so much Mr. Hubbs. This website is perfect for regent’s prep and end of unit test review. Thanks for helping your fellow teachers!!
--Ms. Colleen Walsh, Flushing, NY